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Vibhuti Raman Acharya

  • Founder/ General Secretary

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    It is a matter of great pride for us as we complete 15 Years of our Journey. I dedicate this achievement to the spirit and one vision which we shared since 2007 when we established National Youth Foundation; continuously striving to serve the most underprivileged sections of society, in the areas of Education & Healthcare which we believe to be the foundation of any progressive Society.Last decade has witnessed a major shift in access to the conventional Healthcare Services. Multiple Government Schemes were roll out focusing on rural affordable treatment with comprehensive follow-ups & Medication.

    However, Preventive Healthcare remains a critical issue yet to be addressed fully. People in the rural areas are unaware of most common rampart diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Respiratory Issues, etc and only visit doctor when symptoms crop up or diseases progress to further complications. A step towards awareness to prevent such life complex diseases can be met with proper guidance, counseling & timely Screening. The importance of such measures became more pertinent in the face of the COVID Pandemic when instances of such diseases increased due to altered lifestyle- hit by sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.

    National Youth Foundation have extensively worked in the Preventive Healthcare in around 16 States of India where we have reached to approximately 10,00,000 Elderly, Women & Children through our Regular Health Screening Camps, School Health Camps & Mobile Medical Units. We can proudly share our Success Stories where we have identified number of diseases in the initial stages be it Cardio-Vascular Issues, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetes, etc. The identified cases are properly counseled for Lifestyle Modifications alongwith proper follow-up regarding their course of treatment.

    To commemorate NYF’s Journey and celebrate the many years of service we are proud to bring out this souvenir dedicated to the time we have spent towards welfare & nurturing people’s lives in various dimensions and uplift the poor and underprivileged people of our country. The strong and continuing presence of NYF in various states of India underscores the commitment of the organization and the good work it has done in transforming people’s lives. NYF as an organization has grown leaps and bounds having handled various developmental programs and campaigning for social causes for betterment of communities and society at large.

    Looking back to the period between 2007 and 2022, we are filled with a deep sense of satisfaction for having achieved a lot more than we initially envisioned. Nevertheless, in all humbleness, we still feel that there is a lot more to be done. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to our several partners in development and stakeholders who reposed their faith in us. I would like to express a big ‘thank you’ to all international and national donors, organizations, government bodies, consultants, friends and well-wishers who have supported us through all the times of thick and thin. Together, I am sure the NYF family can forge ahead with confidence and faith and rise to the many challenges ahead of us.