Mothers and children not only constitute a large group, but they are also” vulnerable “ or special group. They comprises 71.4 % of population of the developing countries. In India ,Women of Child bearing age (15-44 years) constitute 22.2% and children under 15 years of age about 35.3% of total population, together 57.5% of population consists of mothers and children. Children are the foremost priorities of community health program. Their aim is to increase the nutrition level of mothers and children to ensure the birth of healthy child. According to WHO (1976) Maternal and child health services can be defined as “promoting, preventing, therapeutic or rehabilitation facility or care for the mother and child”. Thus maternal and child health service is an important and essential service related to mother and child’s overall development.


  • Reducing maternal (current status-2013: 190 per one lakh live births) ,Perinatal ("number of stillbirths and deaths in the first week of life per 1,000 live births) infant (current status-2013: 41 per one thousand live births) and child mortality and morbidity rates.
  • Child survival
  • Promoting reproductive health or safe motherhood
  • Ensure birth of healthy child
  • Prevent malnutrition
  • Prevent communicable diseases
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of the health problems
  • Health education and family planning services

The components of Mother & Child Health include the following sub areas.

  • Maternal Health
  • Family Planning
  • Child Health
  • School Health
  • Handicapped Children

National Youth Foundation (NYF) offers following Services under Mother & Child Health Program:

  • Provision of Conduct of various Tests for Women like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Examination, ECG and ENT Check-Up.
  • Screening for Anaemia, Hypertension, Eye & Ear Disorders, Cataract Detection and other ailments among Women. Provision of Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy Test among Diabetics.
  • Consultation of Orthopedic related issues among Women through Ortho & Spine Evaluation Test.
  • Screening of Children for BMI, ENT, Dental & Respiratory Issues and Eye Test.
  • Consultation with Specialists for various Women Related Health Issues including Menstrual Hygiene & Post Pregnancy issues.
  • Providing health education to parents for taking care of children
  • Distribution of Pamphlets & Counseling Session to create awareness about Health & Sanitation, Hygiene, Eye Diseases and routines for Healthy Lifestyle to avoid future complications.